An aggregated ranking of Black Mirror episodes (through season 4)

by josh lubarr


  • You’re working your way through the Black Mirror episodes (as I am)
  • You decide you want to watch them from “worst” to “best” or “least great” to “most great” or whatever (as I am)
  • You’re kind of geeky and data-driven (as I am)

Then you might not be satisfied with just one list of ranked Black Mirror episodes. In fact, you might go looking and find eight of them. Then you might make a spreadsheet of them. Then you might post it on the Internets:


Since these are lists from least liked to most liked, the top listings, with higher numbers, are less esteemed than the bottom listings, with lower numbers. Specifically, the least-well-thought-of episode is The Waldo Moment (season 2, episode 3) and the most-well-thought-of episode is San Junipero (season 3, episode 4).

I have no idea who wrote any of these lists, which means that I’m trusting the opinions of random people on the Internet, which I know can be quasi- or very ill-advised. However, there’s the idea of the wisdom of crowds, though I haven’t read the book; however, I once read an article in the New Yorker about TED talks in which an audience guessed the weight of an ox within a few pounds, so I figured I’d try it with Black Mirror episodes, even though the sample size is really small.

As you can imagine, my citing any of these lists is not any kind of endorsement, though I do regularly look at New York Magazine’s Daily Intelligencer for news, which is how I saw the Vulture list, which is what prompted me to actually start watching episodes. Also, there are other rankings available, but I only used those that had all four of the first four seasons. And I stopped at eight lists, because that was enough, though my desire for simpler decimals makes me want to have ten, but I’m not going to bother with it.

Here are the sites I used:


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