Proud or Jealous — I’m Actually Not Sure

by josh lubarr

I recently learned that my blog is among the “Most Popular Geekiness Websites” according to WebStatsDomain, which is a site that I personally have never heard of but that rates web sites and at least appears not to have infected my computer with malware. That’s something that makes me proud, or at least “proud.” It is, says WebStatsDomain, the tenth most popular geekiness web site in the world — the friggin’ WORLD.

However, the blog of mine that is among these astonishingly popular geekiness web sites IS NOT THIS ONE. It’s my food site,, so now my geekiness blog is jealous of my food blog. My food blog is probably going to start lording it over all the other ones, too. Also, my humor blog will probably get upset that I’m goofing around here and not there. Then they’re all going to start fighting, and I’ll have to separate them. Sad.

The places to hear from me, if you can stand the infighting:
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Geekiness – geekiness(josh lubarr)
Movies – Old Movies and New with Josh Lubarr
Politics – Progressive Politics (per Josh Lubarr)
Silliness and comedy – Le Repository du Silliness, avec Josh Lubarr
Favorite movies – The Pantheon
Places – Good Things around Boston, and Elsewhere
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