Mental Reunion at Geeky U (actually, geeky me)

by josh lubarr

Mental reunion sounds like the Vulcan mind meld to me, which is strangely relevant in this context.

I watch a lot of movies and I like John Cusack a lot, so when someone handed me a copy of Martian Child, I decided to watch it. It wasn’t bad (see my mini-review here), but I probably wouldn’t have thought about it further, until I noticed that it was adapted from a novelette by David Gerrold. “Okay, whatever,” you say. But I, a geek, say “David Gerrold? The author of the Star Trek episode, The Trouble with Tribbles? And the author of the book, The Trouble with Tribbles, about the making the episode, which I devoured when I was ten or eleven?” And you say, “Wow, Josh, you are a geek.”

And, of course, the answer is, yes, the same David Gerrold, who now has his virtual residence at Now, I haven’t read any science fiction in decades (“Heretic! NON-GEEK!”), but, if I’d had this blog back then, there would have been a page for every Star Trek episode as I counted down seeing them (The Tholian Web, meh, was the last one). And there would have been extensive admiring prose about Mr. Gerrold’s book, which I loved. Even now, I smile at the anecdote he recounted about how revisions to the script were printed on different colors of paper, and Nichelle Nichols commented on how colorful the shooting script for The Trouble with Tribbles was.